Easy to mount

With its elegant Scandinavian styling and cast aluminum design, Quick Cap looks great and can withstand the elements for decades. The built-in nail lets you fasten it to your fence post in less than 10 seconds.

PYRA, CAP, BALL and CONE (only CONE 85, 110, 130) are all integrated with a nail.  You do not need to drill before mounting.  Simply make a cross for the center and place the nail in this center and start using the rubber mallet.  If you do not have a rubber mallet, you can use an ordinary hammer, just place a piece of wood between hammer and post cap to protect the surface of the cap.

CONE 150 and CONE 225 (the big round caps) are produced with a screw instead of a nail.  You will need to drill a 5-6mm hole in the center.  After drilling, just fit the cap and turn by hand until it is sealed tightly to the post.