About Us

About Us

QuickCap is produced by Kokille

Company Profile

For 40 years, Kokille has provided customers with high quality aluminum castings, exemplary service and competitive pricing.

In our production process we use high quality raw material, state-of-the art equipment and advanced technology to ensure that products are consistently of the best possible quality and are available to our customers on time. The quick Cap can be shipped directly from the foundry on a day to day basis if requested. Each unit is processed and quality controlled before shipment.

Attention to detail and an exemplary service level are prevalent in all aspects of our company and we will do our very best to solve any and all problems to the best of our abilities. You can mail us using the Contact form or call us during our business hours.

We want the name Kokille the stay synonymous with quality and service, ensuring that we become the supplier of choice of aluminum cast post caps as well as custom made castings. 

Our Team

At the foundry on Tåsinge the work is completed by a handful of dedicated and competent employees with up to 25 years of experience in the industry. Employee regulation is always observed and furthermore we work very hard to ensure not only a safe but also an innovative, professionally inspiring and friendly work environment. We believe that such a work environment is imperative to employee satisfaction which in turn creates is the best setting for the production of high quality goods.


Tåsinge Kokillestøberi is an aluminum foundry established in 1974 by Erik Hansen. The foundry is located on the small Danish Island of Tåsinge which is a part of the South Funen Archipelago.

The name Kokille originates from the French word Coquille. Coquille literally means shell, but also refers to the type of re-usable form used for the casting of aluminum at the foundry.

The foundry has supplied custom made parts to a great variety of Danish manufacturing companies from different industries, amongst them are lamp and furniture manufacturers as well as a manufacturer of electric wheelchairs to name but a few examples.

From its inception the focus of the company has been on maximum customer satisfaction. Cooperation and service is believed to be the key to success, therefore knowledgeable employees are involved from start to finish. They help customers with product development, are dedicated to identifying the best possible solutions and subsequently they cast and process the products. This level of involvement, attention to detail and the use of high quality raw material results in a first class output.

For further information visit: www.kokille.dk

Family Business

Erik Hansen was at the head of the company for almost 20 years, until 1996 when his son Michael Hansen took over the business. Michael Hansen continued to supply aluminum cast parts to a variety of companies, but in 1999 he additionally began to produce the company’s first ready-for-sale product, an aluminum cast post cap with an integrated nail.

The attention to detail and quality exhibited by his father is also prevalent in Michael Hansens approach to his products and as a result the post caps are of a stylish design with a consistently superb quality. In addition the integrated nail makes for a very easy mounting solution and was the first of its kind on the market. Thus the caps quickly got the attention of the Danish DIY-industry and have since 2001 been available in all mayor DIY-stores in Denmark. In 2002 Kokille began to export its product to Germany and has since entered the other Nordic markets as well.

Music in Post Caps

At an industry exhibition where Michael Hansen was showing the post caps he met musician Kai Stensgaard who was performing with a stomp show. Kai was immediately intrigued by the sound the post caps can produce, and this was the beginning of collaboration between the Musician and Kokille. Together they experimented with tuning the post caps and in 2011 they patented and presented a new instrument, the Aluphone. For further information on the Aluphone visit www.aluphone.com

The promotion of the Aluphone brought Michael Hansen to the United States. There he established many new contacts, some of which also brought new opportunities with regards to the post caps.  For instance the visits to the United Stated resulted in the contact to Menards DIY-stores I 2013 and by the end of 2013 Menards had placed their first order.

Today Kokille is a well established supplier of high quality post caps to the Nordic market, but as we enter the year 2014 Kokille will focus on further penetrating the American market and on entering new markets.